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1) Natürlich landen viele, verschiedene Hasen Tattoos in meinem Pinterest Account, doch das ist wirklich einfach – einfach zauberhaft. 2) Wer wöllte nicht gern aufwachen, die Sonne im Gesicht, aufstehen und auf diesen Balkon treten? 3) Was für eine tolle Dekorationsidee – kann kam auch mit anderen Elementen sehr schön für Weihnachten machen. 4) Was ist noch toller als ein Zebra? Ein fancy Zebra! 5) Ein einfaches, doch wirklich tolles DIY – werde ich auf jeden Fall nachmachen.

1) Of course I have many pinned Rabbit tats in my Pinterest account, but this one is so simple – simple amazing. 2) Who didn’t want to wake up, the warm sun in your face, and getting up to this lovely balcony. 3) What a really sweet decoration – even a nice idea for christmas, if you just change some details. 4) What is better than a Zebra? A fancy Zebra! Thinking about getting this picture as my new iPhone Background – really love it!!! 5) So simple, so cool! Going to try this for the next party.

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  1. I like how they decorated the bottle too. So simple (easy to do for unskilled people out there aka myself) but chic at the same time!

    And that balcony! You’d see me lounging there everyday, every hour. I will even build a nest and refuse to leave my cozy spot hahaha

  2. That hot air balloon decoration is so adorable! I love things with that type of “feel”, a little hard to explain but maybe you can understand me if you felt it too? 😉

    xox Autumn & GIG

  3. Hahhaha.. fancy zebra is too cute!!
    n I love bunnies! If I had the courage to have a tattoo done on me, I would definitely have got that one!! n a butterfly maybe..
    <3 giglove

  4. Your passion for rabbit is pretty cool…I prefer butterflies talking about tattoos, but I think i’ll never end up to draw something on my skin. The balcony is my favorite pic…I love green and nature so much.

  5. Love nº2 and 3! The balcony is so beautiful! And the balloon plant is adorable! Need a zillion of them 😀

  6. So cute! Especially the rabbit tattoo… I’ve been wanting a new tattoo for ages now! I’ve got two already and I really want a new one on my ribs but I’m still saving money for it. 🙂 GIG

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